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All-Ages Comic Book Publishers:
from $219Order as few as 50 copies with full-color covers!
Prices starting at $219


"I got the books today-they are absolutely amazing. I am extremely pleased with the high quality."
- Michael T. Desing,
Army Ants

Also available:
black & white and full color comics, full color inserts for your paperbacks, plus ashcans, posters, postcards, and trading cards. Put out a hardcover edition of your paperback as well!
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It used to be that printing your black and white comic books in trade paperback form was often too expensive and financially risky to consider. Not any more!
  • Give your book the prestige of a paperback edition!
  • You can profit on books with print runs as low as 50 copies!
  • Keep your books in print and earning you income.
  • Increase your long-term exposure in comic shops.
  • Print only as many as you need - don't tie up your funds in backstock.
  • Get into regular bookstores with paperback editions of your work - expand your audience!

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